Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance:
We, at Diamond Flanges, are committed to continuously deliver the best value for money to our customers and maintain cost leadership.

To achieve this, we shall:
Continuously monitor and improve customer satisfaction. Ensure strategic growth in our business. Strive to be cost effective in all aspects. Enhance knowledge, skill and involvement of employees. Build strong partnerships with suppliers. Be a socially responsible and environment-friendly company.

Safety, Health & Environment Policy:
We, at Diamond Flanges, are committed to ensure a healthy & safe environment and improved working conditions, by minimizing adverse effects of our process and activities.

In order to attain this, we shall:
Continuously monitor and improve the work conditions and performance related to safety, health and environment.

Ensure compliance with all requirements of social accountability standard and applicable national and other laws related to work conditions, safety, health and environment;

Respect the principles of internationals instruments related to work conditions.

Ensure efficient use and conservation of resources by effective management practices and technological measures to prevent pollution and minimize health & safety hazards;

Adequately train all employees on health, safety, environment and social accountability issues;

Make available the policy, objectives and targets to relevant interested parties.